Software Development

7 September, 2010

Software Development

Molecular Biology is a complex discipline; its research development is faced with understanding interactions among thousands of molecules. Luckily for Genomics, new techniques such as DNA microarrays and Next Generation Sequencing allow us to conduct high resolution experiments.

But in the “high throughput” era, data does not directly imply useful information. Thorough preprocessing of genomic measurements is mandatory before any meaning can be extracted from them. Efficient algorithms are needed to handle experimental measurements and to integrate them into the biochemical networks modeled by Systems Biology.

In this scenario, each biological project has very specific computational requirements which, most times, are not fulfilled by standard software. In Genometra, we can help you designing and creating bioinformatic tools customized to your needs and requirements.

Contact us if…

  • … the collaborative work style of your research activity requests for software environments which let your team working online, sharing data, results and methods…
  • … you have massive data to be processed and analyzed; appropriated programming as the one we do in Genometra can save hours or even days of your time.
  • … your daily work requires complex tasks to be automatized. A good design of your bioinformatic tools can make your work much easier, but, more importantly, will make it more efficient, reliable and reproducible.
  • … simply you need to a bioinformatic tool… we will know how to help you.