Next Generation Sequencing

7 September, 2010

Next Generation Sequencing

Genometra is a Bioinformatics leading company aiming to better herself every day. Our team does a great effort keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies used in genomic research. Thus, we can provide our clients with the most proficient methods to analyze high throughput sequencing data.

We are experts in the treatment of data from all Next Generation Sequencing platforms: Illumina, Roche 454 and ABI SOLiD. Counting on dedicated hardware and optimized software, we handle massive datasets in the most efficient way,offering our clients an outstanding service.

But in Genometra we do not just do data management. Our team of specialized statisticians can help you fitting the most suitable models to your measures, finding out the significant biological characteristics hidden among thousands of reads.

Whatever the experimental context in which your sequencing data are gathered: “de novo” sequencing, re-sequencing, Chip-Seq analyses or mRNA-Seq studies, you will find in our company the best partner to analyze them.