Microarray Data Analysis

5 September, 2010

Microarray Data Analysis

Genometra is a company devoted to genomic data analysis. As could not be otherwise, we make available to our customers the most qualified microarray data analysis department.

We can handle microarrays from all commercial platforms such as Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina… but of course we can also help you analyzing your custom arrays.

We are familiar with many different kind of experimental settings such as gene expression, exon and splicing, SNP, copy number variation or Chip on Chip studies.

We may assist you all along your analysis. From data quality control, array normalization or SNP calling to gene set analysis or functional profiling.

But we will indeed help you with any particular step of your research. Class comparison, copy number estimation, time course analysis, association studies, or predictor building are just few examples of our specialties.