Database Integration

7 September, 2010

Database Integration

In the genomic era we are experiencing, there exist more than 1200 biological databases storing relevant genomic data information. Ensemb, NCBI, Santa Cruz – UCSC or InterPro are just few well known examples. There are more than 30 standard gene ID nomenclatures just for human while the annotation of the genome is continuously growing for all species.

Being up to date with all these changes is only achieved by the most skilled teams, provided with ultimate technologies. In Genometra, our computer scientists and our biologists work along side to serve our customers the best organized information.

On the other side, genome scale experiments generate vast amounts of data but, before any useful information is to be drawn out of them, data need to be classified and organized into suitable database structures.

At Genometra we are experts in biological data management and administration. We may advice you on which system to use… MySQL, PostgreSQL… where to host it… in you servers, in the cloud, in our machines… We can also create the specialized software you need to access and organize your information and, of course, we would administer all this for you… if you wish.