Bioinformatics Consulting

7 September, 2010

Bioinformatics Consulting

Genomics is evolving rapidly. In just ten years microarray devices have crowded the scientific market and a revolution has begun in research, medicine and industry. While this technologies are still spreading up to agronomy, environmental sciences and many other fields, a new generation of high throughput sequencers is already here.

The benefits of such genomic screening tools are clear as they are the new challenges they involve. Huge amounts of data require specialized computational skills, software and hardware to be handled. Measurements of thousands of genes need sophisticated statistical methods to separate relevant biological information from random biological variation.

In this sense, multidisciplinary teams are essential to ultimate understanding of biological experiments and partnership the ideal working schema to go through.

From Genometra, we offer our expertise in Bioinformatics for it to be part of your working team. Our computer scientists and analysts will constitute the most valuable asset to your projects. Not so much because of their deep knowledge of statistics and informatics, but because our understanding of biology as well as research dynamics.

We can, for instance, help you designing your experiments, building up your predictors or sorting out your high throughput data in the appropriated way because we are able to understand the biological characteristics you are aiming to find out.