5 September, 2010

Genometra is a consulting company specialized in processing complex biological data. We offer a wide scope of bioinformatic solutions to tackle functional genomic studies.

Our team has great expertise in handling and analyzing massive datasets like those collected in Microarray or Next Generation Sequencing experiments.

We have developed dedicated software and accurate database methodologies which, along with our powerful machines, allow us performing analyses and computations otherwise impossible to do.
Nevertheless, in Genometra, fast informatics and clever statistics are not an End, but the beginning of biological knowledge. That is why our customers will find the most meaningful advice when relying on.

Microarray Data AnalysisMicroarray Data Analysis

Genometra is a company devoted to genomic data analysis. As could not be otherwise, we make available to our customers the most qualified microarray data analysis department.

Next Generation SequencingNext Generation Sequencing

We are experts in the treatment of data from all Next Generation Sequencing platforms: Illumina, Roche 454 and ABI SOLiD…

Software DevelopmentSoftware Development

Our company has wide experience in developing biomedical applications based on high performance computing.

Statistical AnalysisStatistical Analysis

Each project has a very specific data management. Our statistics can interpretate your data and make a complete statistical analysis.

Bioinformatics ConsultingBioinformatics Consulting

We offer our expertise in Bioinformatics for it to be part of your working team. Our computer scientists and analysts will constitute the most valuable asset to your projects.

Database IntegrationDatabase Integration

Thousands of biological databases are available nowadays. Contact us and we will show you how to take advantage of them.

Training ServicesTraining Services

Great effort is done within the company to create and organize teaching materials to be internally used. Now, those materials are also available to our customers; together with our teachers guidance.