17 November, 2014

researchThe scientific team of Genometra has broad experience in knowledge translation, moving research from the laboratory into the hands of people and organizations that can put it to practical use.

As we are researchers, we are able to develop useful software, services and web tools for other researchers.

We are continuously developing new software and algorithms to extract all possible information from biological data provided to us by our clients and laboratories, adapting our methods to the newest genomic technologies.

Our scientific team has participated in several projects and publications.


  • RNA-Seq expression profiling of genes related to neurodegenerative disorders affecting the human retina [link]
  • Expert system prototype for the customized oncologic treatment and diagnosis [link]


  • Acceleration of short and long DNA read mapping without loss of accuracy using suffix array. Tárraga J, Arnau V, Martínez H, Moreno R, Cazorla D, Salavert-Torres J, Blanquer-Espert I, Dopazo J, Medina I. Bioinformatics (2014) [link]
  • A web-based interactive framework to assist in the prioritization of disease candidate genes in whole-exome sequencing studies. Alemán A, Garcia-Garcia F, Salavert F, Medina I, Dopazo J. Nucleic Acids Res. (2014) [link]
  • Understanding disease mechanisms with models of signaling pathway activities. Sebastian-Leon P, Vidal E, Minguez P, Conesa A, Tarazona S, Amadoz A, Armero C, Salavert F, Vidal-Puig A, Montaner D, Dopazo J. BMC Syst Biol. (2014) [link]
  • Pathway network inference from gene expression data. Ponzoni I, Nueda M, Tarazona S, Götz S, Montaner D, Dussaut J, Dopazo J, Conesa A. BMC Syst Biol. (2014) [link]
  • Genome Maps, a new generation genome browserMedina I, Salavert F, Sanchez R, de Maria A, Alonso R, Escobar P, Bleda M, Dopazo J. Nucleic Acids Res. (2013) [link]
  • Inferring the functional effect of gene expression changes in signaling pathways. Sebastián-León P, Carbonell J, Salavert F, Sanchez R, Medina I, Dopazo J. Nucleic Acids Res(2013) [link]