17 November, 2014

investIt is an excellent opportunity to invest in Genometra for the following reasons:

  •  It is very easy to cooperate among bioinformatics research nodes that possess tools for different subsectors of biotechnology and biomedicine. Therefore, firms that wish to invest in Genometra will find support and a suitable scientific arena in which to establish partnerships that can add value to the development of their new products.
  • Large multinational pharmaceutical companies are seeking new bioinformatics tools to help them in the development of new drugs. Alternatively, they outsource their biomarker discovery processes. These big pharma companies will shortly increase their demand for bioinformatics services due to the expiry of patents on existing drugs and the low number of new products in the market. As a result, small bioinformatics companies have an opportunity to offer services of high added value that will help them penetrate the market.
  • The amount of biobanks and hospitals is growing, and they require bioinformatics services to associate biological samples with the genetic characteristics of each patient. This means there is a large number of potential customers for bioinformatics companies.

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