5 September, 2010


Genometra is a consulting company offering a wide range of top quality bioinformatics services.

Born of a long experience in the biomedical research field, our corporation is acquainted with the practices and procedures generally undertaken by investigators.

Such experience enables us to provide our customers with a supportive environment, sensitive to their needs, and proficient in finding and communicating solutions.


Biomedical research is undergoing an exceptional time. New higthroughout technologies are bringing us face to face with the very essence of life, yielding unbelievable opportunities to medicine or industry.

However, the incredible amount of generated data and its complexity require smart tools and customized methods if their meaning is to be unraveled. Thus, leading research groups necessarily rely on multidisciplinary teams of doctors, biologists, informaticians and data analysts. Diagnosis and medical care has to be computer aided in order to provide each patient with a personalized and most suitable treatment.


Genometra makes available to its clients all the infrastructure required to outsource their bioinformatic tasks. This certainly implies powerful hardware to be able to deal with massive datasets, the software to do it efficiently, and the expertise and support of our team.

At Genometra we do not generate data. We are a bioinformatics company so we do “just” analyze them. Thus you can be sure of our impartiality when advising you on which technology is best to achieving your goals. Because Genometra will help you designing your experiments as much as interpreting your results.


Genometra is founded on the basis of a large experience in the analysis of genomic data and a reputed expertise in the development of tools for genome research. We provide cutting-edge methodologies for data mining of large datasets, grounded understanding of the biological problems to be analyzed, close interaction with bioinformaticians to lead analysis tasks and ready-to-interpret results for scientific communication.

Thanks to this background, we have developed a highly specialized setup to communicate with our clients. You will be able to follow the progress of your analysis milestones through the web and take advantage of live feedback form your appointed bioinformatician.